The Art of War
Author:Sun Tzu
Series:Knickerbocker Classics Ser.
Meditations (Penguin Black Classics)
Author:Marcus Aurelius (Emperador de Roma)
Series:Penguin Classics
Reading Level:very good
Out - Vintage Classics Japanese Series
Author:Natsuo Kirino
Series:Vintage Classic Japanese Ser.
The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea - Vintage Classics Japanese Series
Author:Yukio Mishima
Series:Vintage Classic Japanese Ser.
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (Vintage Classics Japanese Series)
Author:Haruki Murakami
Series:Vintage Classic Japanese Ser.
The Makioka Sisters - Vintage Classics Japanese Series
Author:Junichiro Tanizaki
Series:Vintage Classic Japanese Ser.
Gilgi, One of Us
Author:Irmgard Keun
Series:Penguin Modern Classics Ser.
The Iliad
Author:Robert Fagles; D. C. H. Rieu (Revised by); Peter Jones (Revised by, Introduction by); E. V. Rieu (Translator); Homer
Series:Penguin Classics Ser.
Reading Level:very good
Lives Of The Artists Vol 1
Author:Giorgio Vasari
Series:Lives of the Artists Ser.
Quicksand & Passing
Author:Nella Larsen
Series:Serpent's Tail Classics
Author:Mary Gaitskill
Series:Serpent's Tail Classics Ser.
The Rings of Saturn - Vintage Voyages
Author:W.g. Sebald; Michael Hulse (Translator)
Series:Vintage Voyages Ser.